Liverpool Dreams

17. Starting Over

    Sky people
    lock it in the cupboard,
    watch shadows rot
    plastic time images.

    They stroll in Central Park
    hand in hand. Two Flowers
    living a reality together,
    breathing a dream:
    Summer 1980.

    Dakota Days,
    folding nappies, baking loaves of bread,
    spinning laughter records:
    The black vinyl discs of the Heart.

    Rock and roll again:
    He shakes a bottle of comeback champagne,
    bubbling family and happiness messages.

    A pudgy face and vacant stare.
    Stranger firing from shadows,
    clutching a 'Double Fantasy' LP
    smashes the silence.

    Fans at the Dakota
    bring single flowers,
    pin little love notes to the wall,
    sing in union,
    hold up pictures beside
    flickering flames in hands cupped together.

    Matthew Street, Cavern Club:
    "Four Lads who shook the world".

    Dusk spilling grey, shadowy blood
    dripping over New York,
    trapping the world
    in scattered confusion.
    Cold cotton ball clouds
    falling gently
    and stretching back to Liverpool.

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