Liverpool Dreams

11. Let It Be

    Cold, grey noon,
    sooty air, pigeons,
    wind staples hair,
    tripping over cords,
    antenna riddled, chimney stacked tar roof.

    One in a dinner suit, with a hoffner bass.
    Another in a woman's fur coat,
    screams a desperate ache for inspiration.
    Frost sprouts
    from a bitter, clamping mouth.

    The Sun bleaches through,
    faked smiles,
    laugh together again,
    playing for the past.

    Thin streets below,
    heads turn up,
    office workers,
    traffic stalls,
    music spirals down: spears of Rock and Roll.

    Flashes of "Beatlemania":
    "Paul is quitting the Beatles"

    Clouds of music burst
    into storms of songs:
    Thunder and Lightning of Youth
    dissolves into puddles.

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