Liverpool Dreams

9. Hey Jude

    Fishing by the lake of the invisible,
    hooking picture framed visions,
    swimming in spaces of dreams:
    Twisted Love and Flowers turn into Music.

    Drinking cups of Indian music
    with spiritual vision biscuits,
    walking the tightropes of Art and Love
    juggling crisp, green apples.

    "You say you want a revolution"
    as guitars weep,
    sweeping waters down gutters.

    A world spins around,
    nervously unfolding
    and plotting its atlas
    towards the moon.

    Cracked off frosty shadows,
    rubbed window panes,
    clear tunnels of sleep,
    subways to imagination billboards.

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1. Liverpool Days

2. Come Together

3. Stepping Out

4. Rock and Roll Music

5. A Hard Days Night


7. Good Day Sunshine

8. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

9. Hey Jude

10. Long and Winding Road

11. Let it be

12. Tomorrow Never Knows

13. Wing Commander

14. Dark Horse

15. Acting Naturally

16. Imagine

17. Starting Over

18. Believing in Yesterday


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