Liverpool Dreams

5. A Hard Days Night

    Marylebone Station,
    running from limousines,
    smothered with swarming girls
    buzzing on footpaths.
    shouting and cheering,
    waving hands, some fainting.

    Razor wit dialogue.
    Conversations on a rattling train
    On tracks folding out to open fields.

    Flashes of freedom
    explode into bubbles
    tickling eyes with the Fab Four.

    Hotel doors blocked.
    Transistor radios blare.
    Sobbing fans,
    teenage girls, businessmen, old ladies,
    climb over barricades,
    pressing Beatles photographs to the sky.

    Stadiums shake,
    fans spring off seats,
    innocence shouting out,
    weeping, passionate faces,
    lights flashing,
    cameras clicking,
    snapping a new voice:

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5. A Hard Days Night


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